Tuesday, 3 November 2009

First meeting for my group report

Today is first meeting for our group in library. Actually also is my first time to do group project with classmates whom are from other countries. When I saw the assignment on module handbook, I was worried about maybe nobody wants to make a group with me - an international student. Fortunately, our tutor considerately divided us into several group via random access eliminated my agitation. Therefore I had my own group with Alice, Charlotte and Rajan.

Alice was proactive being our group leader and sending e-mail let us know what the meeting time and place are. Before I join the meeting today, I read the brief of assignment for several times and tried to understand it. In this meeting, Alice, Charlotte and I had brainstorming on campaign. Flyer, promotion brochure, radio programme...etc., so many ways we want to take. And I had an idea of exhibition, we can gather some retailers to do an exhibition in order to promote the awareness of digital TV. In my opinion, to integrate all useful resource that is one important mission for PR.