Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Being A Public Relation Practitioner

What is the most important function being a PR practitioner? My earliest inspiration of study PR came from a film called “The Kid”, in which the main character is Russ, who is a consultant of personal image setting. He transforms customer’s image into reliability and popular in society through creates their own personal styles. Although we are not popular people who need to care of our public image, we can try to convey a positive personal image of ourselves by understanding our own advantages and disadvantages, then trying to improve on them. PR extends that research from one person to a corporation.

How could an organisation set up its own image which fits people’s expectation? In my opinion, PR is the specialist in this area and maintaining the balance in our society. We need expert producing the accurate information honestly, not only shareholders have the right to know the truth but also other general public and stakeholders. However if PR does not take seriously attitude on the trust as professionalism and help organisation or corporation to cover the reality, it will be an ethical issue that lying is related to destroying the fact and against professional ethics. The effective way to get legitimacy is that make self codes of professional conduct and develop organisation’s ethical framework as professionalism. On the other hand, another significant issue is how to manipulate appropriately media in order to build good relationship with public and social community, also encouraging perception with trustworthy.