Saturday, 30 January 2010

Product placement

Product placement is another survival way for media industry. Recently Taiwan’s National Communications Commission would like to loosen the restriction of product placement in news report and political TV programme. I think journalism must be just and fair to balance with someone in power. If government loosen the restriction, journalist will be control by businessman and power. The public will wonder what news is true or fake, as a result people don’t believe journalism any more. On the other hand, it would be harshly hurt the journalist who insists enthusiasm on their job. NCC should integrate the useful resource to help media survival, reform all media environment. Do not let it getting worse.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Brand value

In the first day I came to my work placement, my supervisor gave me a book about brand management. She want me give her feedback after I read the book. The book describe about a lot of brand building, maintain and growth. I was wondering why PR should learn “Branding”. She told me, a brand value in the public that represent a company core value, it is related to people trust you or not. PR has the mission and responsibility to build and maintain the core value in company. Moreover the PR section must be located independently at decision-making unit. Therefore they can involve any plan and give advice equally. To prevent any strategy could be lead company fall into crisis.

If PR is just belongs to marketing or advertisement section, it always cannot clearly to give appropriate suggestion for any significant decision. When any problem happens, PR only can do is crisis management. It would be decline the brand value of company.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The death of publishing industry

Today have a group of college students coming to visit our company. In the dialogue between students and staff, they were discussing about the Internet development would be decline publishing industries. The staff answered even the read habit has been changed by technology and the Internet, but they cannot completely instead of paper. If publisher want to survive, they should have several format to present their books or magazines in order to touch different group of consumer. For instance, the membership of Business Weekly has two choices to decide, read magazine on Web or on real hardcopy. Also they have more opportunities to get in another group of audience.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Getting better or not.........?

By the technology development, we have new formats to receive information from the whole world. We don’t need to buy newspaper, but read news on ipod or laptop; we can read magazine or novel on electronic book; we can skip all advertisement and see favourite TV programme through digital TV. These overturn our view in traditional media, we have brand new scene in this generation.

However, the change is just on hardware to make message transmission as fast as possible, we need to pay lot of attention on accuracy of information and appropriate contents. Technology can make our life more convenience, but it is possible to lead us into a mess.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


James Cameron released a hot movie which was produced by animation to present 3-D and 2-D version. This awaked public's enthusiasm in the animation industry. Unfortunately, Taiwan has been invested in the industry for a long time, even we ever did OEM of animation over 80% in whole world, but we cannot produce the awesome film as AVATAR in Taiwan. Because of AVATAR’s success, Taiwan scholars are starting review what problem is.

Although we have many schools to training technician nowadays, government still pay less attention on Creative Cultural Industries. Not only political factor, but also the social opinion, the public have traditional thought about young people must to do business or factory work. Government and Society should be release more good intention to support the growth of Creative Cultural Industries, it will be possible to stand on the International platform.