Friday, 22 January 2010

Brand value

In the first day I came to my work placement, my supervisor gave me a book about brand management. She want me give her feedback after I read the book. The book describe about a lot of brand building, maintain and growth. I was wondering why PR should learn “Branding”. She told me, a brand value in the public that represent a company core value, it is related to people trust you or not. PR has the mission and responsibility to build and maintain the core value in company. Moreover the PR section must be located independently at decision-making unit. Therefore they can involve any plan and give advice equally. To prevent any strategy could be lead company fall into crisis.

If PR is just belongs to marketing or advertisement section, it always cannot clearly to give appropriate suggestion for any significant decision. When any problem happens, PR only can do is crisis management. It would be decline the brand value of company.

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