Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Getting started for my PR study

This is my first try to study Public Relations in UK. I took a long trip over 18 hours from Taiwan and came to here for my MA. It is really a big challenge for me because English is my first language. This week is third week that I started learning relative knowledge about PR, however I always felt frustrated on each class.

In my class have 14 students, some of them are same with me from other countries, and the other is native. They are always speaking very fast, I am so envy because I want to have the same ability to have a nice talking with them in future.


  1. Try not to feel frustrated, I know the language barrier must be so hard, but just try to stick with it and it will get easier. If your not sure of anything the best thing to do is just ask, I don't understand somethings and get frustrated and I'm a native so I really would try not to worry. They have some great facilities at the library aimed at helping students. If there's anything I can do just ask.

  2. Sarah, you are so nice. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll follow your advice.